So What's A Golden Offer Anyway?

We Would Have Called It The Godfather Offer But We Didn’t Want To Get Sued

A Golden Offer is an offer so good your prospect can’t refuse.

Imagine going shopping for a new car.

You know the make and model you want, but you’re looking around for the best deal.

One dealership has the exact car in the exact color you want, and it’s at sticker.

But then you find another dealer.

They have the exact car in the exact color you want. It’s 10% under sticker. And it comes with free insurance for a year, a free 5 year warranty, and free servicing for 3 years. 

That’s all great, but they’ll also throw in a full tank of gas, and they promise the paperwork will be finished inside 30 minutes and they’ll give you fresh cookies while you wait.

Probably A No Brainer Which One You'd Take, Right?

That’s a Golden Offer

It’s the offer that makes your product or service completely separate from anything else, so you stand in a market of one.

Imagine how different your sales meetings and demos will go when your prospects start seeing that your offer is better than anything else out there.

To Create Your Golden Offer We Have To Do Two Things:


We do a deep dive on your audience and figure out what their main pain points are and they want your solution to solve those problems. Then we get to work creating messaging to communicate those solutions in the most unique and compelling ways.


We then do a deep dive with you to understand the problems your service solves, how it solves them, and how you’re currently communicating those solutions.

From there we work to distill your offer into 2 or 3 sentences that resonate with your audience like crazy and have them staying up all night daydreaming about the possibilities.

The best offers are easy to absorb and communicate heavy benefit with almost zero risk. Remember back in the 80s when Domino’s Pizza kicked Pizza Hut’s butt for the home delivery crown and became the number one pizza brand?

They Made It Happen By Having The Best Offer

Domino’s offer at the time was: 

“Fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less… or it’s free.”

Who Could Argue With That?!

More importantly, when it’s Saturday night in 1985 and you’re flipping through the Yellow Pages looking for an easy mealtime solution for the family…

… are you choosing the generic pizza place? Or are you choosing the one that promises fresh pizza in 30 mins or it’s free?

It's A No-Brainer, Right?

Once you’ve got an offer like that, it’s FAR easier to close.

We have a simple 4 step process for creating a Golden Offer… and we can’t tell it to you because it’s our secret recipe, just like Domino’s…

… but we can promise you’ll love the results!

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